Zipper That Doll - thin, soft VELCROŽ brand fasteners for doll sewing and crafting.

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VELCROŽ Brand Fastener
Thin VELCROŽ Brand Fastener (no bristles, very soft and flexible)!

VelcroŽ is a registered trademark of Velcro BVBA. Used with permission

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This VELCROŽ brand fastener one piece that is 2 sided, meaning one side has the hook (which are bumps, not bristles)
and the other side is the loop. The width is 1 inch.

See how thin this is!!!!


Hope this helps to see how thin it is, and it holds very well. This dress can be made for your model muse style Barbie body with the free sewing pattern that you get with every purchase.

Here's the CPSIA certificate from Velcro Companies, regarding lead content - Certificate

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White VELCROŽ Brand Fastener $1.75 per yard

Black VELCROŽ Brand Fastener $1.75 per yard

(remember to get enough for both sides of the project)


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